Thursday, July 27, 2017

DIY Logitech Keyboard Skin

I had this Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio i5 for my ipad air since 2 or 3 years ago, can't really recall. The casing turns quite ugly as time pass, like a lot of small holes on it and layer of skin starts to tear at the corner. I love this keyboard for the following reasons:
  • One full charge last me up to 3 months
  • The keyboard wakes up only when the iPad lies on the keyboard magnetic area
  • The keyboard always work when it wakes up
  • Keyboard has no holes, no need to worry about things trapping in between keys
  • The keyboard is liquid repellant
  • There's also a few things that I do not like about this keyboard:

  • In order to control volume, I have to hold down "fn" and voulume button which is not user friendly when I was doing my handicraft and most of the time has only 1 hand available
  • The caps lock button is together with the alphabet "A"
  • The tab button is together with the alphabet "Q"
  • I seriously think it should be more user-friendly on the button in a way or another, there's a lot of times that I hit the S instead of A when I want to type A because since the caps lock is together with "A", that key is bigger than other key...and I thought it is a function key instead of alphabet... Anyway, when the latch broke and can't hold my ipad anymore, I am really sad T_T

    So I got myself a new keyboard, Zagg folio keyboard - this keyboard sometimes get on my nerves, the keyboard sometime doesn't work at all when I open my iPad =_= I have to off my iPad & keyboard bluetooth and on them again to get it working. Only plus point is the control keys are separated from the number keys. I used Zagg for a few months till recently I found a very strong glue that can glue my logitech keyboard latch. And it works! It holds my iPad once more! But the casing is kinda old, so I went to Daiso and bought this A3 size self adhesive fabric and started cutting and sticking it on top of the keyboard. I was happy when I finish sticking it only to realize that I forgot to cut a hole for the charging port XD

    Anyway, I did managed to have an opening for the charging port and it still look great IMO. It's not a perfect job but better than the uneven surface look. Hohoho~

    Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    Starbucks Food & Drink

    I am someone who love to try new food or drink. Anything that look interesting and of course within my budget, I will try. I think I can also classified myself as a Starbucks LOVER. So therefore, there is no excuse for me not to try the new drink and food from Starbucks.

    Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino - I must say I feel in love with this drink the first time I try it. I think I had it nearly everyday during the 1-for-1 week. XD This drink is made up of yogurt and acai berries and the best part are the juicy pearls that will burst in your mouth with mixed berry mix! This is a must try drink for yogurt and berries lover!

    Otah Otah Frittata Croissant Sandwich - New local delights taste from Starbucks. As a member, Starbucks will update me whenever there's new product, so I told myself I must try the croissant when I received the email from Starbucks. Reason being, I love otah & I love croissant and I love to know how the combination will taste like. Big otah with egg omelette filled with filled with broccoli and onions. The overall combination is nice but I guess the portion is not enough for a big eater. XD So you may consider completing your meal with your favorite Starbucks drink!

    Sunday, July 16, 2017

    Crochet Baby Sandals

    Another pair of baby sandal for my super model Kayla (Lala). I think this pair suits Singapore more, can see the toe wriggling. I made a blue pair first for one of the agent's grandson. I posted it in Facebook and my sister-in-law say please make 1 pair for Lala. So I made this~ pink colour especially for her. Crochet booties to me is actually a challenge even until now, as I cannot make sure that I can make both side the same size, lol. But I think I am getting better and will definitely get better. I must get more of the plastic sole as well, the booties look so much nicer with the plastic soles in it. Taobao~ here I come~~~

    You may find the tutorial for the baby sandal from Youtuber "Crochet Addict"

    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Mcdonald Nasi Lemak Burger

    New pattern, so die die must try even though unhealthy😂 Please take note that this is based on my liking, you might not like it. I think I am not a very good food blogger, so bear with me yar...

    Chendol Mcflurry ($3): Has this green jelly noodle & shredded coconut inside, taste very nice, will definitely eat again

    Burger: No ikan billis when I thought will have😆 Overall taste is quite nice, cannot say it taste exactly like Nasi Lemak since there is no rice~ However, the combination of cucumber, sambal, egg & chicken is great

    Criss Cut Fries: Normal, nothing very special, don't bother to upgrade unless u love Criss Cut Fries

    Drink: Sorry ah, I don't like Bandung, so I did not try

    Coconut Pie: This is nice too, got coconut bits inside, sweetness level is similar to their normal pies

    The standard meal which consist of burger, normal fries, bandung fizz & coconut pie cost $9, quite an expensive meal... lol