Monday, September 04, 2017

Evacomics will be at STGCC!

I came across Evacomics while browsing Facebook, it's a comic strip that shows the difference between Singapore & Japan, it was funny and so real. So I went to her Facebook page and read all her comics and feel in love with it. Then I bought her first book "Eva, Kopi & Matcha" from Popular in 2014 and I even managed to catch hold of her to sign for me in 2016 when I go and help her out at SSEAYP. That was like almost 2 years before I get her first autograph! And of course I bought her 2nd book at SSEAYP and get her to sign as well XD I was actually kinda sad when I am unable to find her 2nd book in Popular. She is Singapore artist but I am unable to find her work in local bookstore just because it was published in Malaysia? Anyway, putting this aside, the new book "Eva, Kopi & Matcha 2.0" will be on sale at STGCC, time to prepare money and go buy her book and bookmarks! Good luck Eva! May you have great sale!

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Mr Kiasu is back after 18 years!

OMG! Can you believe that Mr Kiasu is back after 18 years??? I was a fan of Mr Kiasu in my school days. I have nearly all the books except for Mr Kiasu Krossover 1, which I think the Krossover is not as nice as Mr Kiasu itself. Anyway, the new book will be on sale at STGCC and I am definitely going to get one! The new book will be "Everything also like Real".

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hair Cut

The last time I cut my hair short was like around 6 years ago. Has been keeping long hair since then (of course I trim my hair every now and then). So I suddenly got very "sian" of my long hair, reason being:

  • Hair was heavy as long
  • Hair look messy if I do not tie it up as I have natural curl hair
  • As I do not have eyes on the back, so most of the time only pony tail or pleats
  • Hair was dry due to hair dye
  • So, with the above reasons, I decided to cut my hair short again. I nearly cut away the all the coloured hair, still left a bit on the right side of my hair though. Out of curiosity, I ask my hairdresser, Tonny

    Me: Did anyone ever cried when you cut their hair short upon their request?

    Tonny: Of course! I thought I cut wrongly when she cried.

    Me: Then? What happened after that?

    Tonny: She told me to ignore her and continue to do what I am supposed to do. LOL

    Hmmx, I thought you have already made up your mind before you went to the salon? Why cry? I am seriously just curious. Can someone tell me the reason? Anyway, there goes my hair, though my hair now is not tom boy hairstyle, but its slightly below shoulder length so I can still tie my hair when I am doing my handicrafts.

    Friday, August 11, 2017

    Freshman's Calm Lite

    Recently my colleagues and me fell in love with this fruit salad sold by Freshman at Century Square. The fruit salad is so nice that we nearly eat everday XD It has all these inside:

  • Apple
  • Purple dragon fruit
  • Grapes
  • Honeydew
  • Dried cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Walnut (only 1 pc)
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Melon seeds
  • Crushed peanuts
  • The fruit salad also comes with different kinds of dressing you can choose from, our favorite is definitely the roasted sesame sauce. The other sauce includes sour cream, spicy sauce & wasabi sauce. I am the only one who is willing to try whatever sauce they give. My boss and colleagues only want sesame sauce and the other one is sour cream. Every time we go, we will buy 6 to more than 10. Haha, other than ownself eat, we also treat other colleagues from other department. Some of them say the fruit salad is nice but they threw away the sauce when I ask them on how's the fruit. My boss & colleagues actually ask for more sauce sia... So I learn something, do not give them any sauce next time. XD However, the sad news is Century Square will be undergoing big renovation soon, so Freshman will be closing down around next week and will not be able to enjoy this anymore. T_T

    Thursday, August 10, 2017

    National Day 2017

    Nope, no outings, no programs. Other than very happy that it is a holiday, I can't recall when was the last time I get excited and sit in front of the TV watching NDP. Hey, I am not excited but this does not mean that i don't love my country ok? I still love Singapore as much as I love myself and my handicrafts. I just recalled that the last time I got excited over NDP was when all my siblings are not married and all staying under one roof. When all of us gathered in the living room watching NDP, joke and play around. Those were the days when NDP is such a happy and wonderful gathering for all of us. When one by one got married and move out, I don't get excited over NDP anymore. I just pick up my handicraft and started working on it while watching dramas or movies on my iPad. What about you?

    Saturday, August 05, 2017

    SINGtastic Fiar

    I saw this banner at Tampines Mall when I went to buy lunch on Thursday.I told myself that I must definitely go and take a look just for the colourful drinks! SINGtastic was organized by i-Weekly & Tampines Mall, and therefore the first thing I did was to queue up and buy a goodie bag XD The goodie bag cost $10 and it has a lot of goodies in it! A small bottle of oil, chicken broth, bread, Spartan T-shirt, magazines, toothpaste etc.
    This is what I actually came for, the one featured on the banner. The Talad Drink - really colourful and interesting mixture of colours & taste. I think it's a mixture of syrup drinks? Worth trying and definitely nice to take pictures with.
    Colourful don't only belongs to The Talad Drink, but also The Juicy Way. These 2 colourful drinks are very different, The Juicy Way contains more fruit juice and the best part is it's not too sweet. I simply love the taste of Banana + Green Thai Milk Tea when I don't even love Milk Tea at all, hahaha!
    Ninety Teais another interesting drink. These are cold brew infused tea and because it is their birthday as well, they are giving out free handlettered card for whoever that buy their drink. And yes, I am perfectly imperfect and therefore I choose this card.

    Like I said I went to SINGtastic Fair because of the colourful drinks that attracted my eyes, and I really bought the drinks from different drink stall. XD Of course there are more things than drinks. There is a stall that sell old school tibits & games, a stall selling mini cupcakes, a stall selling necklaces/earrings, a stall selling Irvins Salted Egg Chips and a stall selling Curry Bomb. Go and take a walk down memory lane if you are free this weekend.

    Thursday, July 27, 2017

    DIY Logitech Keyboard Skin

    I had this Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio i5 for my ipad air since 2 or 3 years ago, can't really recall. The casing turns quite ugly as time pass, like a lot of small holes on it and layer of skin starts to tear at the corner. I love this keyboard for the following reasons:
  • One full charge last me up to 3 months
  • The keyboard wakes up only when the iPad lies on the keyboard magnetic area
  • The keyboard always work when it wakes up
  • Keyboard has no holes, no need to worry about things trapping in between keys
  • The keyboard is liquid repellant
  • There's also a few things that I do not like about this keyboard:

  • In order to control volume, I have to hold down "fn" and voulume button which is not user friendly when I was doing my handicraft and most of the time has only 1 hand available
  • The caps lock button is together with the alphabet "A"
  • The tab button is together with the alphabet "Q"
  • I seriously think it should be more user-friendly on the button in a way or another, there's a lot of times that I hit the S instead of A when I want to type A because since the caps lock is together with "A", that key is bigger than other key...and I thought it is a function key instead of alphabet... Anyway, when the latch broke and can't hold my ipad anymore, I am really sad T_T

    So I got myself a new keyboard, Zagg folio keyboard - this keyboard sometimes get on my nerves, the keyboard sometime doesn't work at all when I open my iPad =_= I have to off my iPad & keyboard bluetooth and on them again to get it working. Only plus point is the control keys are separated from the number keys. I used Zagg for a few months till recently I found a very strong glue that can glue my logitech keyboard latch. And it works! It holds my iPad once more! But the casing is kinda old, so I went to Daiso and bought this A3 size self adhesive fabric and started cutting and sticking it on top of the keyboard. I was happy when I finish sticking it only to realize that I forgot to cut a hole for the charging port XD

    Anyway, I did managed to have an opening for the charging port and it still look great IMO. It's not a perfect job but better than the uneven surface look. Hohoho~

    Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    Starbucks Food & Drink

    I am someone who love to try new food or drink. Anything that look interesting and of course within my budget, I will try. I think I can also classified myself as a Starbucks LOVER. So therefore, there is no excuse for me not to try the new drink and food from Starbucks.

    Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino - I must say I feel in love with this drink the first time I try it. I think I had it nearly everyday during the 1-for-1 week. XD This drink is made up of yogurt and acai berries and the best part are the juicy pearls that will burst in your mouth with mixed berry mix! This is a must try drink for yogurt and berries lover!

    Otah Otah Frittata Croissant Sandwich - New local delights taste from Starbucks. As a member, Starbucks will update me whenever there's new product, so I told myself I must try the croissant when I received the email from Starbucks. Reason being, I love otah & I love croissant and I love to know how the combination will taste like. Big otah with egg omelette filled with filled with broccoli and onions. The overall combination is nice but I guess the portion is not enough for a big eater. XD So you may consider completing your meal with your favorite Starbucks drink!

    Sunday, July 16, 2017

    Crochet Baby Sandals

    Another pair of baby sandal for my super model Kayla (Lala). I think this pair suits Singapore more, can see the toe wriggling. I made a blue pair first for one of the agent's grandson. I posted it in Facebook and my sister-in-law say please make 1 pair for Lala. So I made this~ pink colour especially for her. Crochet booties to me is actually a challenge even until now, as I cannot make sure that I can make both side the same size, lol. But I think I am getting better and will definitely get better. I must get more of the plastic sole as well, the booties look so much nicer with the plastic soles in it. Taobao~ here I come~~~

    You may find the tutorial for the baby sandal from Youtuber "Crochet Addict"

    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Mcdonald Nasi Lemak Burger

    New pattern, so die die must try even though unhealthy😂 Please take note that this is based on my liking, you might not like it. I think I am not a very good food blogger, so bear with me yar...

    Chendol Mcflurry ($3): Has this green jelly noodle & shredded coconut inside, taste very nice, will definitely eat again

    Burger: No ikan billis when I thought will have😆 Overall taste is quite nice, cannot say it taste exactly like Nasi Lemak since there is no rice~ However, the combination of cucumber, sambal, egg & chicken is great

    Criss Cut Fries: Normal, nothing very special, don't bother to upgrade unless u love Criss Cut Fries

    Drink: Sorry ah, I don't like Bandung, so I did not try

    Coconut Pie: This is nice too, got coconut bits inside, sweetness level is similar to their normal pies

    The standard meal which consist of burger, normal fries, bandung fizz & coconut pie cost $9, quite an expensive meal... lol

    Sunday, May 07, 2017

    Beaded God of Fortune

    Yes yes, I said I will not be making anymore of this, but when I seriously do not have any idea of what to give my boss as a birthday present, only this comes to my mind. If I buy something from outside, my boss will say no need lah and things that he likes are too expensive for me to buy. So I made this, he rejected at first, I told him this is handmade and is a God of Fortune leh, you sure you wanna reject? Heng ar, he accept it for the first time in my 7 years working with him. I bought him cake as well, different flavors of cakes in slices to let him choose and eat 1. If I buy a big cake, most likely will kanna reject as well. I guess he think it doesn't sound nice to let the admin spend on his birthday.

    Monday, March 27, 2017

    Crochet Monokuro Boo

    My sister asked me to make a pig so that she can give it to her cousin. Yes, she pay for my workmanship, I can't be giving free stuffs every time right? I still need money to buy materials one leh. Anyway, when I search online, I only find this pig really familiar looking, then I realize this pig always appear in black or white and can be found at quite a number of places. Then I know this pig name is Monokuro Boo, haha.

    The Monokuro Boo pattern can be found at Ravelry.

    Monday, March 20, 2017

    Beaded Unicorn

    My 2nd DIY pack, guess I will not be making anymore of this.

    Sunday, March 05, 2017

    Beaded Totoro

    I was actually in a dilemma whether to categorize this as cross stitch of beadings, but since beads cover 95% of the project, I guess it should be under beadings. I think this look so much more nicer than normal cross stitch, but definitely have to do a QC on the beads, too big or too small will not look nice. Making a beaded one is time consuming than cross stitching as you will have to include beads in every stitch. So, you must have patience if you are thinking of making one. Do not worry about losing few beads, DIY also come with more than enough beads, I even threw away beads that are either too small or too long which will make the stitching look weird. =D

    Monday, February 27, 2017

    Crochet Baby Sneakers

    Thanks to my super model Kayla, this pair is made-to-order by colleague to give to his client's son. Blue colour with a cross instead of a star as they are Christian. Hope his client like the shoe.

    Friday, February 17, 2017

    Crochet Converse Sneakers

    I think I fell in love in making booties, haha, I found this Converse booties online and so I made one pair for my niece as well.
    See my super model with the crochet booties, doesn't she look cute???

    Thursday, February 16, 2017

    Valentine's Day 2017

    I realize, other than thinking what to make for X'mas, I have to think of what to make for Valentine's day as well... Only difference is I do not need to make as much as X'mas, as only ladies will receive flowers from me. To think of different kind of flowers is not an easy task, I've made flowers from paper & yarn, so what can I do this year? I search and search till I found people making flowers from duct tape and look nice. So here it is, duct tape roses.

    Monday, January 02, 2017

    Crochet Couple Bear

    This couple bear had a story behind it. I actually wanted to crochet a Rilakkuma and I found one that is extremely cute (IMO) by Youtuber, Flying Mio. But sadly, her instructions in the video is really unclear. Hearsay she learn crochet from her grandma and she do not know all the crochet terms. I watched the video few times and still unable to make it, I am a newbie in crochet and I need to have clear instructions in order to make something. I was really sad, so I went to Taobao and search for DIY crochet bear and found this which I think is kinda cute too. So here it is, these 2 bears came to this world due to Rilakkuma, lol. I hope I can figure out how to make Flying Mio's version in near future as I really love that version. If anyone can figure out, please share with me too. Thank you.