Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rainbow Loom Sailor Pin

Eh, I really don't know what is a real Sailor Pin, but this design is known as the Sailor Pin and I love it. I wear this myself to show it to my friends and they like it too. But it uses quite a number of rubber bands, especially the black ones on 2 sides. Now my black colour is running low. Waiting for my new stock to come in soon.

Rainbow Loom Starburst & Ladder

Guess I'm really into Rainbow Loom nowadays, going to learn how to make all the different designs! But some designs need more than 1 loom to make, hope my additional loom come soon!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rainbow Double X & Zig Zag

Another 2 bracelet! Guess I'm hooked to rainbow loom recently. Last time rubber bands to me are meant for tying stuffs/hair and playing zero point, I have never expected that it can be made into such interesting things~

Rainbow Loom Ring

Made this out of fun, only let DanDan wear and take photo before I dismantle it.. haha, because I know that I will definitely not wear it =x I prefer the bracelet more~

Monday, November 18, 2013

Rainbow Loom Pencil Wrap

My 2nd masterpiece. Finally got my Rainbow Loom tools! I'm so happy~~~ So I made this with the help of youtube videos. It is in fact a simple project, but need a lot of rubber bands, also, not that easy to push the pencil in. However, it made your pencil kinda fat, good if you like it.


I was searching some videos on youtube and happened to see this kind of new handicraft. I find it really interesting and therefore try to search online for the bands & tools, sad to say, I can't find it in Singapore yet... I had to order from USA! The shipping is really a killer.. zzzz.. Hope some company will bring it into Singapore soon. And this is my first rainbow loom band! Just a simple one, can be done with the help of 2 markers. I managed to complete this within 30 minutes. =D