Monday, August 26, 2013

Hama Mini Gameboy

A mini Hama Gameboy. The cartridge can be taken out!! No glue nor sewing needed, just place onto each other like jigsaw puzzle. Guess this project will be slightly easier if I am to use midi beads. But I love to make things in smaller scale as they look so MUCH cuter!! Guess I'm just challenging my own limits. I tried making another blue color mini Gameboy but failed, so sad T_T Some of the individual piece broke into 2 before I could connect it to other piece. Guess must really control the ironing very well in order for individual pieces to be connected together.

Hama Schnauzer

The original design was supposed to be in black & white checked box but I change the colour to be like my key chain. Think it turn out quite nice but!!!! Until my sister told me then I realize I forgotten to modify the design to have longer ears like my key chain. =( Well, never mind, I can always make another one again =D I believe the next one will definitely be better.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hama Kitty Cat Final

This is the final product, it has Swarovski crystals on the ribbon. But sad to say, no matter what glue I used, some of the crystals keep falling off. I tried Uhu glue & E6000, but same things happened... I'll be grateful if there's someone who can advise me on this issue.

Hama Kitty Cat

I guess the girls will like these. Did 2 versions using different size of beads. The one using mini Hama beads was an order from my friend to his girlfriend, it's not the final product yet. The one using midi Hama beads is on my office desk partition now.

Hama Flowers to cover up holes on bag

What will you do if there's holes on your bag? There's supposed to be 3 buttons on top of the holes but I don't know when & where I lose them. At first I thought of just sewing the holes up but then if I just sew up the holes, it will look ugly. So I thought why don't I sew Hama beads on it? And there it is, I seriously think I made a great choice!