Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beaded Teddy Bear Instructions

Disclaimer: I'm not the author of whatever instructions that I will be posting here. I just want to share some great beading instructions to beading fans out there. A lot of people has been asking me for this bear instruction, so I think I should share.

Anpanman aka 面包超人

A Japanese cartoon character. Seriously, the time when I really get to know this character is when one of my friends ask me to make this for his daughter! Gosh... Think I'm old already. So I went to search around for Anpanman's picture online, and I made this. Glad that his daughter love it ^-^ When people receive my product with happiness, it makes me even more happier! I also search around in Youtube for the cartoon and I agree with my friend that the cartoon is cute.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Angry Birds Family & Enemy

Yes!!! Finally got a set of Angry Birds and of course their enemy! Haha! All the angry birds are of similar sizes as it will be given to my niece, nephews as gift. If they are of different sizes, I think the kids will quarrel, lol. It's about 4cm to 6cm big, not very small but good enough to hang on bag. Takes me about half a day to complete 1 piece, I'm not a fast stitch-er, so it's patience and passion that made me complete every single piece. ^-^