Thursday, October 13, 2011

Angry Birds with my toy "DanDan"

That brown colour toy is a Danboard, I call it DanDan, it is my model too~ for my handicraft products. I manage to make 1 yellow angry bird~! After I finish the yellow one then I realize that the red Angry Bird is so much bigger when it came from the same cross stitch series. Gosh, I'm still not so powerful to draft out my own cross stitch chart, but still I think it's cute. =x

Angry Birds

This is the first Angry Birds I made. Nowadays kids are being brainwashed by angry birds, any kids with ipad or iphone in the family will know this bird. They can even tell you which colour of Angry Birds they like. So, I try to find the chart and make for them as part of their Christmas gift. Had to start early as I need to make 2 Yellow, 1 Red & 1 Black Angry Birds and 7 other handmade stuffs for family. Hope can finish on time with the fact that my house is renovating and everything is in a mess... =_=


Went to watch The Smurfs Movie and it really bring back alot of memories!! So I went online and search for the cross stitch chart and I made these! Papa Smurf, Smurfette & Clumsy Smurf! This is a 2 sided cross stitch, look like a mini cushion =D