Monday, May 25, 2009

Beaded Mini Horse

Saw this horse in the display cabinet when I went to buy beads 2 weeks ago. Then I remembered that I actually have a beading book that show how to make this horse. So I tried to make one last week. Amazingly... there's counting error in the beads, counting error in the instruction table and it ends after I've completed the head, body & legs!! I flip the pages a few more times only to realize that the pages that shows how to make the tail etc... was really not inside!! zzzz... Luckily I got download the complete instruction into my PC from a forum last time. The book ended up into the rubbish bin over the weekend. Luckily it cost less than $10.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hoho, my consultant bought me this GIANT size lollipop which consist of normal lollipops inside. IT'S SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! I took out the edible ones and re-wrap the giant lollipop again for keeping~ Haha~ I love this Giant lollipop~~~~

Heart Shaped Box

Fell in love with this box when I first saw it in a forum and was surprise that this box (base & cover) only uses 1 piece of A4 size paper! I make the big one with A4 size paper and then started to make another box with half of A4 size paper and so on. The brown color is the smallest I can go at the moment. Wonder if I can make 1 that is even smaller than the brown one? LOLx, I'll try~

Kawasaki Rose

Always find it amazing when people use a piece of paper to fold a nice rose. The name of this origami rose is called Kawasaki Rose. It look sooooooo nice when there's a lot of it in a bottle, really look like real roses! So, I tried making one, it's not really an easy job making such small one especially when I have sweaty palm. But, I finally did it! Thanks to the "Never Give Up" wordings that appear in my mind!