Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Card Holder

My colleagues has been asking me if I know how to make a multi-slot card holder. Previously I did one small card holder for my mini debit card, so I was thinking maybe I can create what they've requested. Since 2 of the female colleagues asked me, might as well make for all the female colleagues. If it's for them, then of course definitely it must be personalized with their name. I start to draw out the arrangement of the letters on graph paper to make sure that it will look nice on the real thing before I started stitching. Oh, by the way, this card holder is made using vinyl weave (rubber kind of material), so it's more durable than Aida cloth ^-^

Pocket Tissue Holder Version 1

I realize that it's actually not easy to find a design that fits the size of the holder well... =_= Had a hard time looking for the design which is of a suitable size, flipping through the books few times. This has been sold off to my boss, who ask me to make another 10 + 2 for him. LOLX~ not bad right? =D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LV Cross Stitch Wallet

I bought this from a Hong Kong online store, it's a D.I.Y cross stitch wallet set. Found it very cute, haha~ it look even nicer when I complete the actual thing. Before I received the package via mail, I thought that the set comes with everything nicely cut into the correct shape and sizes.. but to my surprise... it's one big piece of black plastic canvas!!! And the measurements given are in "X" number of squares by "X" number of squares, I end up counting every now and then to get the correct sizes.. Duhz~ but never mind, the outcome was a satisfactory one. LoL~

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Egg White Small Cakes

Hoho, this was done around CNY too, after making pineapple tarts. As pineapple tarts only need the egg yolks, hence always leaving behind a lot of egg whites. In order not to waste the egg whites as my mum seldom cook nowadays, I make some small cakes that needs only egg whites, sugar and flour. Taste like "鸡蛋糕" without the egg yolk taste..haha~

Mini Cookies

Was baking pineapple tarts for so many weeks till CNY ended. One of my colleagues says the crust of the pineapple tart was nice and she requested for the tart without the pineapple paste. Well, I did as she told, but was thinking "will the tart taste nice at the same size without the pineapple paste?" I'm also afraid that the tart will taste dry... So I decided to make the dough thinner and I took out some cookie cutters and start cutting out different shapes from the dough. Surprisingly, the cookie's taste was not bad, my niece and nephew love them! Haha~ My colleague loves it as well~

Cross Stitch Wallet

Since I'm unable to find a wallet that will meet my requirements, I think I'll just have to make one myself. I used my old wallet as a guide and cut the cloth accordingly to the size of the old wallet before I start to search for a picture that fits in the size of the wallet. The above picture is the end product of my handmade wallet, the side stitching is a little messy due to the thickness of the cloth. This wallet took me around 2 weeks to complete, tough project. However, this is my first time making a wallet, I'm still quite satisfied with it, lolx.