Monday, December 29, 2008

Q Version of God of Fortune & Watch Belt

CNY is coming, hence God of Fortune is also along the way to bring me fortune! Haha~ Had a long time figuring out on how should I attach the head to the body. Even though I managed to get the head attached to the body, I'm also not sure whether it's the correct way.. but... who cares?! Lolx, as long as the head is nicely attached can already, right? Wakakakaka~

Yes yes~ It's the same watch. But the previous design doesn't really suits my wrist size. The first time I made it, the watch was just nice for my wrist only (can say it's tight fitting). So, I decided to lengthen it a little bit more.. then it end up too big for my wrist.. =_= Had a "long" weekend last week, came out with this design which I like it very much. However, it's a very very tedious design, I wanted to give up every now and then, because it's very tiring.... But, managed to force myself to complete it. And there it is! The sense of fulfillment was SUPER GREAT! =D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Gift for the ladies in the Office

This is the Christmas gift (other than the one for gift exchange) for the ladies in the office. I starting making these necklaces since October, and I've made 15 of them! Luckily I've started early, if not confirm cannot finish on time. Also take into account that I might not be able to find the alphabet charms that I wanted and time taken for them to re-stock. Just in time for Christmas~ The girl that sell charm can even recognize me.. haha.. can imagine how frequent I went to the store.. lolx~ I hope the ladies are happy with this Christmas gift~ Imagine the ladies in the same agency wearing the same kind of necklace, should be fun & interesting.

Talking about yesterday Christmas party. I really had a very fun time. After the food and gift exchange, we suddenly became little kids with a can of Flying Snow spray and starting chasing and spraying each other! Haha, it was so fun! One of the guy look like snowman after being attacked by us. Lolx. Will be having another celebration today~ Wishing all a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance!!! ENJOY~ Cheers~

Teddy Bear

Using 4mm Bicone beads for the yellow bear & 5mm round beads for the blue bear. The blue bear was the one in the gift exchange present. Hoho, the melody earring was hooked onto the bear's ear & the bracelet went around the neck of the bear to make it look like a scarf. Forgotten to take a picture of it. =_= My colleagues say the yellow bear look like Winnie the Pooh because of the colour. Haha.

My Melody Earrings

A pair of My Melody Earring using 1mm beads. Had a session of Christmas gift exchange yesterday. So this pair of Earring was included in the gift as well, it's an additional gift together with a bracelet & a bear. I find it very cute, thinking weather to make one for myself or not.. haha. However, after much thought, I think it should be an exclusively only for the person who receive this gift ba. ^-^ I know she will like it and she will wear it~ =D

Angel Teddy (Teddy Bear with Wings)

Based on the previous post on what I've said about the order. I finally managed to come out a teddy bear with a pair of wings! And luckily, it looks quite nice! Haha, anyway, my client was very happy with this teddy bear. Consider it as a good job done! =D I also want to make one for myself, keke. Since I will be having a long weekend, I can use it to make one Angel Teddy for myself~~~~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mandarin Orange

A year has passed by unknowingly, very soon it will be CNY again. I went to the shop that sell beads last week and saw the boss making these mandarin oranges. Find it very nice so I stood there and "steal knowledge".. haha.. After some figuring and some information from the boss, I went home and figure the rest on myself. And there it is~ lolx.. I brought it back to the shop and let the boss see, and he said I did correctly... wakakaka.. Think my "system" (brain) is getting better every time I do something. My "system" can now capture image and key in data.. lolx..

Angel & Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear - Did this using 2mm Beads, so the bear end up kinda small, can use as a handphone chain. Did this over the weekend, was very happy over it, so I brought it to show it to my colleagues on Monday & Tuesday. However, I lost the bear after the morning meeting on Tuesday. T_T Sad arhhhhhhhh!!! Haiz... no choice but to go home and try to do another one... T_T

Angel - One of my client requested for an Angel with big wings. I search around but only to find majority of the Angels are with small wings. So I'll have to pick abit here and there for the wing and attach it to the body of the Angel. Luckily, it still look like an angel ^-^

Before I end this post.. my client end up wanting the bear but with wings attached on it. I realize my this client like to test me...