Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Totoro - Little Black Charcoal

YES YES!!! This is the first time I figure out how to make something from a picture!!! Hahaha~ I was like keep staring and the first picture, trying to figure out how to make the black charcoal~ And there!!! Even not 100% same, but think it's 80% there liao~ Keke~

P/S: MUSHY!!! Is this ok?~?~

Star Pendant

Don't say I only make bags~ This is a star pendant. Look quite sweet, isn't it? ^-^ Oh, by the way, other then special orders, most of my products are made using Acrylic (plastic) beads. It look nice enough as long as you don't compare it side by side to crystal, lolx.

Bag 06

Wanted to upload yesterday de.. but forgot to bring my handphone out.... zzzzzz, blur blur me. Anyway, isn't this haversack cute? Haha, I like it very much. Wonder if it fits barbie doll? Haha~ will need to make one blue color for my colleague using bicone beads, wonder how it will look like.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Sided Wing

The design is like this~not I do wrong or delibrately do 1 side only ok? LOL~ However, the wing was supposed to be in white + silver colour, but due to shortage in colour =x I made it into gold & silver. Luckily it's not to weird~ haha~think it will look nice as a necklace on dark coloured clothes ^-^

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ice Cream 01

I realize that recently after I made an original size beaded item, I will try to make an even more smaller version of it. Haha, not trying to test my ability, but think it will look even more cuter in tiny size and I think I can be the first one to wear a beaded handbag or ice cream as earring? Keke~ Maybe not the first lah.. I suppose people who are good in making beaded stuffs have already done it long ago. Keep a look out for new items!! ^-^

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bags 05

WOOOO~~~ My latest collections over the weekend~ Keke~ Very soon I can have my little showcase of bags. Still thinking should I DIY a little showcase or just buy one from outside. The more I do, the more interesting it turns out to be. Haha~ Will confirm do somemore... maybe do a few more MINI size one. ^-^

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bags 04

Yeah~ As I've said, I'm engrossed in making bags nowadays, this is my latest bag! Haha, at first I was only thinking of making bags, but when I make more, I thought of making smaller bags. And so, he previous post was out, bag with 2mm beads. Now, I finally made a bag with 1mm beads!! Guess you can see from the picture that it's really kinda small, but~ yeap!!! I WAS EXTREMELY SATISFIED AND HAPPY WHEN I'VE DONE IT! MUAHAHAHAHAHA~ but really can make my eyes x_x Will continue to make more 3mm beads bag~ so my collection will be more and more~ hee~

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bags 03

The white bag is the bag from previous post, using 3mm acrylic beads. The one below the white bag is done using 2mm japan beads. Hmmx, was thinking of making something even smaller, guess I used the wrong beads. Haha~ Never mind, will try again using 1mm beads then see what size it will come out. Keke~ Keep a lookout~!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Keroppi, Especially for Rara & Renew

Hope it doesn't look too bad~ Nice knowing both of you and mushy~ ^_^ Will teach you this if you think it's nice~ =D

Hello Kitty Family

Woots~ my sister ordered another 5 hello kitties from me~ and so here they are~ A BIG FAMILY! Haha~ Actually quite nice to see so many different colours together which I thought the colours look odd in the first place. Anyway, it turned out nice~ so be it~ ^_^

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bags 02

My new collection of bags. LoLx~~ I fell in love with making bags recently, because I want to have a showcase of bags if I can. Hehe~ It's even cuter & nicer than the real one, and most important thing is~~~~ CHEAPER!!!! And it's alot cheaper, haha~~~ I can even change a bag everyday to work and showoff~ good right? LOL~~

Friday, July 04, 2008

Bags 01

I fell in love with making bags recently. The LV multicolored monogram is the first one that I've made, although there's a mistake in making in but nevertheless, I still like it. Haha~ The other one is an evening bag, look like those that the "Tais Tais" will buy. Keke, but still cute~ Will continue to make more bags! Then I can everyday change 1 bag.. haha.

Mini Schnauzer, Especially for Mushhball

HO~ Mini Schnauzer~ One of my maple friends ask me do de, she requested for black one because her friend is having black schnauzer... But if body black black, den cannot see the eyes le, so don't know if she will like this anot. Will ask her to see later ^_^