Sunday, March 09, 2008

Most recent siggie

This is the most recent siggie that I've created. At least something sound more happy~ lolx.. My friends say.. It's time to post some happy things and create a happy siggie. I did as I'm told.. keke.. And I've also created a logo for myself!!~ Which is the one u see in the header of my blog. The "Z" in the heart =D

I believe that as long as I wear a smile on my face
Luck will be coming along the way

So~~~ from today onwards, I will be wearing my trademark smile on the face as often as I can.

Simple Siggie

I had a bad CNY this year... the tears drop like nobody business. Seems like the whole CNY, I'm crying.. guess I torture my eyes too much for the whole February. So this siggie came out, was thinking that.. maybe after all the tearing.. happy moments are nearby. =D

Gif Animation That I've Created 03

I realize my mood will fluctuate based on other's mood. I got this habit of blaming myself for things that happened if it's somehow or rather.. involve me. I know it's not a good thing, but if by saying sorry can settle things peacefully.. I don't mind being the baddy. ^-^

Gif Animation That I've Created 02

This is the 2nd one.. also kinda sad hor.. don't why.. but whenever I feel like making a new signature... the thoughts happened to be ermmmmmm... abit sad.. =x

Gif Animation That I've Created 01

This is the first gif that I've created using Photoshop + Sqirlz Water Reflections. It's a signature for the forum that I've joined. Yar.. I know the message is kinda sad...but dunno why... it's just words from the heart ^-^