Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paper Cuttings Part 3

I did this about 2 weeks ago. Glad my skills are still ok... lolx.. however the fingers get tired easily.. maybe because too long never do it liao.

Set of Bracelet + Ring

A simple set. Very lady color hor? =D

Rose Brooch

There's this shop near Tampines Regional Library which sells DIY stuffs. They also can teach you to do some accessories at an affordable price. =D I fell in love with this rose the very first time I see it. I bought the crystal beads from the shop and learn it straight away. The petals (3 sets) have to be done separately so I just learn one piece of every sets, and brought the rest of the beads home to do.
I went back to the shop on the following weekend to do the finishing up. I have to tie all the petals to the brooch plate.. I tell you.. as you will have to tie the fishing line very tight.. hence the fingers HURTS lor.. -_-" But I'm very happy with the result =D

A set of Necklace + Earrings + Bracelet + Ring

A very colorful set. I love it alot. Although it's acrylic beads, but it still look abit blink blink oh... hee~ I wore it the very next day I completed it. I must say, it captures alot of attention =x By the way, the original set did not have the earring, I design one myself. =D The sense of fulfillment was like WOW! wakakaka

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Parchment Craft card 01

A card to show appreciation to my ex-boss.

Necklace 01

This is a simple necklace that I made. This 'pendant' is made of acrylic beads and surprisingly... It doesn't look cheapo to me. It look quite nice and sweet to wear it around the neck. Of course, I wore it and show off to my colleagues the very next day after I've completed it. =D Will try to do a swarovski crystal version after I hunt down the shop where I can get cheaper deal on the crystals. =D