Thursday, January 11, 2007

My birthday on 7th of January

Well, I thought that no one will be celebrating my birthday with me as I think I'm abit old to celebrate birthday liaoz. However, my colleagues surprise me with a birthday cake and birthday present. I was touched, really. For a period of time, I was abit worried that I won't be able to stay very long on this job, due to some personal feelings. But I made it through, and now I'm as happy as before and I do love my colleagues alot. I admit that there will still be ups and downs, but I believe that I will still make it through with the help of them, family and friends.

The Secret said that as long as I do not dwell on negative thoughts, I will move on in live better and I will definately be healthier! I will do that and carry on going with a grateful attitude towards live.

This blog is for my siheng to see, you forgot to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOR~~~~ I very angry~!~! lolx... Please get back to me asap, I'm really getting worried about you.. ^-^