Monday, December 10, 2007

Crystal Handbag

A little handbag made by swarovski crystal. By adding a little chain to it, it can turn out to be a handphone chain. =D Already sold off 2 of them. One of them was sold to my big boss. Seems like my big boss is a loyal customer~ wakaka~ Thanks to him and my colleagues, I've gained alot of confident in myself and my handicrafts. I believe I can do it and I did it!!! I will make it big one day~~!!!

Crystal Schnauzer

This is a difficult Schnauzer... because I did it before I went through the beginner steps. I re-do it for more than 10 times I think, at different stages of the dog. I realize that I must concentrate while doing, if not I will end up missing the steps or lost in the diagram. However, manage to complete it in the end. =D This Schnauzer is made by order, therefore, I already sold it off this morning. =D As it uses alot of crystal, this little Schnauzer is more expensive than the little pig that I've done previously.

Hee~ by the way, I got another order for this dog straight away after I show the picture in my handphone to my big boss~ wakakaka.. I'm sooooooo happy~~~

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paper Cuttings Part 3

I did this about 2 weeks ago. Glad my skills are still ok... lolx.. however the fingers get tired easily.. maybe because too long never do it liao.

Set of Bracelet + Ring

A simple set. Very lady color hor? =D

Rose Brooch

There's this shop near Tampines Regional Library which sells DIY stuffs. They also can teach you to do some accessories at an affordable price. =D I fell in love with this rose the very first time I see it. I bought the crystal beads from the shop and learn it straight away. The petals (3 sets) have to be done separately so I just learn one piece of every sets, and brought the rest of the beads home to do.
I went back to the shop on the following weekend to do the finishing up. I have to tie all the petals to the brooch plate.. I tell you.. as you will have to tie the fishing line very tight.. hence the fingers HURTS lor.. -_-" But I'm very happy with the result =D

A set of Necklace + Earrings + Bracelet + Ring

A very colorful set. I love it alot. Although it's acrylic beads, but it still look abit blink blink oh... hee~ I wore it the very next day I completed it. I must say, it captures alot of attention =x By the way, the original set did not have the earring, I design one myself. =D The sense of fulfillment was like WOW! wakakaka

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Parchment Craft card 01

A card to show appreciation to my ex-boss.

Necklace 01

This is a simple necklace that I made. This 'pendant' is made of acrylic beads and surprisingly... It doesn't look cheapo to me. It look quite nice and sweet to wear it around the neck. Of course, I wore it and show off to my colleagues the very next day after I've completed it. =D Will try to do a swarovski crystal version after I hunt down the shop where I can get cheaper deal on the crystals. =D

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I feel in love with this necklace the first time I saw it in the book. However, this is just a sample because it's acrylic beads instead of swarovski crystal. It look like a Princess necklace~ very sweet and nice right? Keke... When I find out where can I get cheaper crystals, I will make one with crystals. Think it will look even more nicer. I just realise, the final product look abit dull with acrylic beads. Still like the blink blink feeling of swarovski crystal. Hee~ Must find one nice neck to let me put the necklace on and take photo liao.. haha

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Crystal Pig

Swarovski Crystal pig~ =D First tedious product that I did. Took me nearly 3 hours to finish this pig. -_-" I did this because my colleague say she wanna learn, therefore she ask me to try it out first, shouldn't have agree with it sia. lolx.. My eyes nearly drop out again when I do this. But heng ar, it turn out to be like a pig, arbo sad sia... =D Selling at $25 per pig~

Friday, October 12, 2007

One Set of Earring & Necklace

This is the first thing that was done as a set. A pair of earrings and necklace.I think it came out quite nice. It was meant to be a birthday gift for this colleague's girlfriend, hence I only help out and give ideas. HE did most of the job.

Anyway, this is the first try to make it a set. I think it looks quite good. If I'm his girlfriend and I saw this, I think I will be very touched.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

DIY Ring Part 2

This is the ring that I made on my colleague's finger. I gave her the ring for free publicity.. lolx.. Next ring she want will be charged. I myself like this ring color combination!~ Ring selling at $5 each =D

DIY Ring

My new product, beaded ring. Another project that need patience.. because do until my eye balls nearly drop out. However, I'm quite happy with the outcome. =D Ring selling at $5 each =D

Paper Cuttings Part 2

Part 2 of my paper cuttings~ =D

Paper Cuttings Part 1

Wooo~ Paper cuttings similar to those china de. However, I used penknife to cut instead of scissor, I wonder how china people can cut with scissor, really professional. I had some difficulties even though I'm using penknife lor...

Latest Ugly Picture of Myself

Latest picture of myself. Taken in office.. Please do not puke~

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ferrero Rocher Rose

As you can see from the picture.. It's familiar right? Correct! It's the Ferrero Rocher commercial! I had a hard time to get it look nice ok~? Yaya.. I had alot of Rochers as well.. lolx.. so believe me.. I'm fat fat de.. haha.

I made the roses until I got a bad habit, every time I eat Rocher, I will make the wrapper into a rose and give it to whoever that is around me. I myself got one small box of Rocher roses. Tomorrow I must get the Rocher with silver wrapper de.. Then I got 2 kinds of roses! Maybe one day I can make it into a bouquet of flowers.. (small one) haha.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Swarovski Angel Handphone Chain

My latest product that I did. These Swarovski crystals are not cheap sia.. But anyway, I love this because it's very nice~ =D I can make it into earrings or necklace. I made one handphone chain for my sister, and one necklace for myself. =D Selling at $8.50 each.

Personalise pencil with name

A few pencils that I did to show appreciate to my colleagues that helps alot. =D Selling at $4.50 each.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Parchment Craft

These are known as Parchment Crafts, very popular in foreign countries. I started doing it in a cheap way before I slowly accumulate my tools. I'm still on my way to get the whole set of tools if possible.. haha.
These are done on thick tracing papers, adding colours and punching holes on it. This kind of handicraft really test your eyes when you need to punch a lot of holes on the paper. Till now, I still will punch more holes or wrong holes -_-" Well, I believe practice makes perfect, I'm sure to do it better and better each time. =D
The keychain is a gift for one of my colleagues birthday gift as well. You should have realise that the gifts for my colleagues are mostly hand made, haha.. It's customize and only for them mah~ confirm no one else have de. hee~ Currently no pricing for this product yet, as it depends on which kind of picture I'm doing. Ranges from $10(small) to $30(big).

DIYs 2

1) Flowers~ it's about palm size, did this for one of the colleague's birthday. Selling at $6 per bouquet.
2) Stars in a bottle - can imagine how small the stars are... my hands were shivering when I made the first star.. haha. Selling at $8 per bottle of stars.
3) Pictures on the right - handphone chain, small little gifts of appreciation for friends. Bought some dried flowers already, so the next generation might have some dried flowers in it. =D Ranges from $2.50 to $3.50.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Long long time ago~

ahaha.. can you find me? This is a picture from the good old days, time really flies and how I wish.. I could go back to that time. I think all my happiest memories are from that time. =D

Continue DIYs on another day~

Guess who this 2 little kids are? lolx...

Mini Debit Card Case

Hmmx, let's see... why did I come out with this idea? Oh~ yes, I remembered. I applied for this UOB mini card and bought a metal casing for it online, but the hook to the metal casing broke in the end.

So I came out with this idea to make a cover for my mini card and it must be special.. haha. Therefore I stitch a mini casing for my card. I think the picture that you choose really matters a lot. =D

Selling at $10 each (excluding the card of course.. lolx..)

Cross Stitch Book Cover

Hee~ I'm going to talk about my hands from now onwards. This is a free notebook I got from a the show "校墓处", because I won't the tickets from i-weekly. The notebook cover was... duhz.. looks like corpse lying around.. so horrible looking. Therefore I decided to change the cover of the notebook!

First I choose a design that fits the cover of the notebook, then I stitch out the design.

Paste the design on the book cover & ta da~~ done!

I am quite happy and satisfied with this piece of work, as it's just an idea, not sure whether will it work and I just go ahead blindly, haha~ This notebook end up in my brother's room... he say he like it and snatch away -_-" .. haha.. but it's ok, it feels good when people recognise your efforts~

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


ooo... never thought that I will look like so many ppl... but I look like Jolin meh?
I use 2 different photos to try...both got Jolin & Janie Tienphosuwan inside! haha... make my day happy sia... WOOOOWEEETTT!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My birthday on 7th of January

Well, I thought that no one will be celebrating my birthday with me as I think I'm abit old to celebrate birthday liaoz. However, my colleagues surprise me with a birthday cake and birthday present. I was touched, really. For a period of time, I was abit worried that I won't be able to stay very long on this job, due to some personal feelings. But I made it through, and now I'm as happy as before and I do love my colleagues alot. I admit that there will still be ups and downs, but I believe that I will still make it through with the help of them, family and friends.

The Secret said that as long as I do not dwell on negative thoughts, I will move on in live better and I will definately be healthier! I will do that and carry on going with a grateful attitude towards live.

This blog is for my siheng to see, you forgot to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOR~~~~ I very angry~!~! lolx... Please get back to me asap, I'm really getting worried about you.. ^-^