Monday, September 26, 2005

My feeling for the first day of work

25th of September: I will be starting work tomorrow... Die.. Kind of nervous.. this always happens on the day before my first day of work, I also don't know why. My appointment letter shows working hours as Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm. I will be working at the AIA building in Tampines. LOLX! Just a building away from my previous workplace. So lucky huh? Haha.. I thought so too.

26th of September: Manage to get to sleep last night, so lucky. Opps! 5 more minutes and I'm going to be late! Heng ar... I reach my work place at 8.55am. I thought I will be the latest lor... since it was already 8.55am. But... but... HOW COME I SEE NO ONE!?! Did I go to the wrong place? Or was I early? I took up my hp and called my superior. She told me I was too early.... though working hour stated in the letter is from 9am to 6pm, they usually starts work at 9.30am. Only on Friday then we need to go there and 9am. Pengz.. no one tells me anything.. make me blur blur go there so early.

Finally saw someone (my superior) at about 9.20am. She then tells me that they usually work from 9.30am to 5.30pm if there's nothing much. Work one hour less than other people because no OT pay. Then every Monday there will be a short meeting which everyone gathers around and share some words. Someone will starts the ball rolling by say what he/she feel like saying today and that person will ask the person next to him/her "What you feel like saying today?" Then, that person will continue by "What I feel like saying today is...." It will goes on till everyone said something and the meeting ends. There will be a long meeting on every Friday in the morning which involves everyone in the unit. This long meeting includes singing, games and what we feel like saying (same as Monday).

Eh.. as for this hor, I don't know whether it's counted as good or bad, don't know if I should be happy or sad. Though I'm the talkative kind hor and sometime active kind but.. don't know leh, I don't really like to join in meetings like this unless it's my OWN GROUP of friends. But what to do... my superior only tells me this on my first day of work. I started my work by doing scanning.. yah.. scanning of insurance documents. Learn to do some paperwork and data entry while scanning the documents.

The day ends while doing all these. Eh.. ok lor.. Seriously, I also don't know I can take it anot... It's not the work that I cannot take it, but rather the meetings. Not say I don't like meetings lah.. but I don't like to get involve unless I'm someone from the high ranks one. Can say that I don't like to "應酬" lor.

That's all for today ba.

Friday, September 02, 2005

A day at the seminar

1st of September (will be working from 9.45am to 2pm): I woke up at about 8am in the morning, took a bath, double confirm where is The Oriental on the map (I'm a ROAD BLUR, therefore, must check properly before setting out). I went out of the house at about 8.35am to take a train from the MRT. I reach City Hall MRT at about 9.05am. Still early, so I walk slowly to look for The Oriental Hotel. Passed by Bread Talk, got myself 2 breads for breakfast. While searching for the hotel, I had a bite on my bread. By the time I finished one bread, I found the hotel, lolx. I went in and found the ballroom where the seminar will be held. But it was only 9.35am, so I took a seat on the comfortable chair.

5 mins later, I saw one of my colleagues. We chatted for awhile then we saw another colleague. But since the stuffs are not in yet, we sat outside and chit chat since there's nothing for us to do at the moment. We chatted till about 10.20am before the stuffs came in. We went in and help to pack the goodie bags. There's brochures and a water bottle in the goodie bag. WOW, that was so nice~ There's landyard and a handphone strap for all the people who came for the seminar. For those who fills in a feedback form and return to the registration counter will get a doorgift too. Registration starts from 1pm as the seminar will starts at 1.30pm.

As I say, I'm supposed to work till 2pm only, but... lolx, where got people so punctual one? By the time majority of the people went in, it was already 2.45pm. Hence they change my time from 2pm to 3pm. Since I got something on at 4.30pm at a nearby place, I helped out FOC till about 3.40pm. And imagine that we actually see people comes in at the time of 3.15pm! PRO sia... Well, they gave me a goodie bag also before I went off, haha, that was fun. If you all need any people to help out at a seminar, drop me a message ok? I think I like being in a seminar, it's so fun!