Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My 1st day of work...

30th of August: Ahh, tomorrow need to start work already.... Feel very uneasy for the whole day, I also don't know why. Though working hours is from 9am to 5.30pm, but they called me and tell me to reach there at 10am. It's a temp job on project basis, if there's project, you get to work, if there's no project, then you rest lor. Night time finally arrive, can't even get any sleep for the whole night. Keep on tossing and turning for the whole night, woke up very hour... duhz... This kind of thing always happens since young, like the day before school starts and the day before work. Really hate this feeling but what to do?

31st of August: My new working place is so far... Take MRT to Orchard then take bus before you can reach the place. Suppose to reach the office at 10am, but as I was afraid that I might be late, I went out of the house very early. Therefore, I reach my work place at about 9.15 am... Yah.. very early indeed. Of course I did not go up to the office straight away. I walk to the back of the building and found a place to sit down and then I took out my handphone to make a long distance call to my Siheng. Called at the wrong timing, Siheng was driving... can't really talk, but still he tried his best to talk to me for about 5 to 10 mins.

I looked at my watch and realise that it was only about 9.35am... still so early... I sit down there and stared at the surrounding areas. I kept staring till the watch shows 9.50am. I dilly dally walk to the lobby and took the lift up to the office. Took a seat and they told me what I'm supposed to do. My job is to called up clients and ask them whether they want to attend certain seminar upon recieving the invitation from the respective company. Then, the superior came over and tell me to help out on a seminar held on the 1st of September at The Oriental.

"Dress code: Black shirt with collar, black pants and black shoes (must cover toes)." BLACK??!?!?!? OMG!!! I can find black pants and shoes but black shirt?!?! NO WAY! There's no fully black shirt in my wardrobe. So I walk over to the assistant and ask if there's an alternative. She say can wear white, but must have collar. Heng ar... if not they can go without me liao.

I drank so much water because I kept talking in an air-conditioned place. My throat felt so dry every 15 mins. I kept running to the toilet also because I drink so much of water. There's a shortcut to the toilet if you want to go, but when you want to come back, you have to go by the front door. You need a kind of SMART KEY to open the "shortcut" door from the outside, from the inside, you can simply hit the big button on the wall. STUPID RIGHT?

Those people at the front keep seeing me walking in... so paiseh. The same thing continues till it's time to knock off. I walk to Great World City and roam around for awhile before I went home. Tiring.... because of the journey back home, far... I started to think, it took me about 1 hour to reach my work place if I take train then changed to bus (inclusive of waiting time). If I take a so called direct bus, it took me about 1 hour 40 mins to each there (inclusive of waiting time)!!! I drop dead when I reach home...

Time to take a rest...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

These few days...

My nephew also sick liaoz... poor thing, cough and flu. He always cry cry cry, maybe he feel very uncomfortable ba. Therefore very hard to pat him to sleep. These few days help to babysit him, I see him so poor thing, I also heartache sia... These few days so hot, buay tahan... go out machiam melting. I think that's also one of the reason why my nephew kept crying? The fever machiam on and off, no wonder he so uncomfortable. Watched superstar last Wednesday and Thursday. Realise that Kelly Pan Jia Li and Hong Jun Yang very good, maybe they will win? Lolx, I support them lah. Don't come and tell me who is better... I'm not interested to debate with you all. HAHA.

The pic above is one of the thing that I've played a few years back, however, the so called webbie has updated itself. Previously can only @@ until shoulder, now u can @@ the whole body. But then again, u need to buy tokens to get the clothes. I did not buy, as it caters only for taiwanese I think. Don't ask me how I got the clothes on. LOLX.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rainy day...

Morning: "Wahhh!!! Who is that touching me??!!" I opened my eyes and saw my little nephew. He did surprised me as I don't expect to see him in my house during weekdays. Well, of course he won't appear out of nowhere. Realise my sister fell sick and therefore they are here. My nephew always like to stick to me, so... I woke up lor, what else? I brush and bath then I came down and play with him as my parents are not free due to renovation, my sister was sleeping after the medicine. LOL, I babysit lor, lucky he like to stick to me, if not I also cannot babysit him. There, the notti boy (MY NEPHEW) in the picture.

About 11.30am: I bring him to my mom then I went to change lor, meeting friends at Tampines at 1pm. Took him back and babysit while my mother prepare lunch. Ring~~~~ Regina called me and ask if it's possible to go out earlier and accompany her look for things. Alamak, wrong timing! Of course I can't because I have to babysit my nephew till my mom is free to take over. So I told her I can only meet her at 1pm.

12++pm: RING!!!!! Aiyo, why so many calls? Luckily my line is incoming calls free, if not I'm sure to faint on the bill. Haha~ Regina says it was raining elephants at Tampines, first thing I do is? Look out of the window lah! Nothing mah, still got sun wor... Then she say no need to go liao, change to tomorrow. "Pengz, I changed swee swee liao. Haiz, go change back house clothes lor. What to do?" Think most happy is my mom liao.. because I can help to babysit while she do her things lor. Then worst thing is my house under renovation lar... the dust "fly/float" around the house... "Ahhhh Choooooooo!" Liao.... my sensitive nose, so itchy~~~.

RING~~~ Eh who is it again? OH~ Wei Hao lah, afraid that I don't know the meeting change to tomorrow. He called at the wrong time also, because I sound so "sexy". HAHAHA, my nose lor, he thought I was sick. Sorry hor brother, my nose sensitive lah, not sick, don't worry.

So what have I been doing for the day? I think hor, the whole day I've been babysitting lor. My nephew sleep in my room also because living room also under renovation, he got no place to sleep. Haha, then I feed him with his "gu ni" also... play with him when he open his eyes big big and look at me. Just feed him milk at about 7pm, finally got some time of my own. "...." I think I heard my stomach yelling for food... haha, it's time for my dinner~ Here I come~!~~!!~

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

29th of July is not my day!

Haiz.... what to say...

28th of July about 10.30 am: I was doing my usual things, updating addresses etc when this superior came over and ask me to stop and do other things. I answered her ok, but since I was halfway through the piece of address to be updated, I told her that I will stop once I finished up this page.

I was one of those that do not like to throw things that are only half completed to people. To me, that's kind of irresponsible. I started hands on doing the things that she asked me to do at about 11am.

29th of July Morning: Out of a sudden... my superior call me in to a room and say want to have a talk with me. First thing she tell me was that there are no vacancies in the admin department and hence there will be no job for me down there. Then the 2nd thing she do is to scold me... say I've changed alot recently, being stubborn and argumentative. I was ... duhz... don't know what the hell she's talking about lor. Then she brought up yesterday incident, say I'm stubborn because when she told me to stop straight away and do other things, I did not. HUHZ?!?!?! I did tell her that I will start after I finish this page right? When I tried to explain for myself, she complained that I was argumentative. Does that mean I'm not given a chance to defend myself?

She then says that all the admin staff went to her and complain about me being unfriendly, stubborn and argumentative. What the hell? I think people with eyes can tell that that's not true! I know that no matter what I say is of no use. She even got the cheek to say that she will extend me for another 3 months and hopes that I will get along well with the other colleagues. I cried... as I felt so hurt, why all these happen? I've done nothing wrong. I've helped out so much and this is what I deserved?

Same day afternoon: One of my colleagues, also a temp came over and ask me to go out for awhile with her. As my eyes were very red then, I told her that I don't want to go out in this state. She then told me that the same superior ask her in to a room and talk to her also, not much later after I came out. I was... duhz... shocked, what else? She say she has something to tell me also, therefore I went out with her. She say the superior accused her for things she never do also. Ha! What a game that the superior is playing? Both of us learn so much and did so much, and we both kanna framed? My colleague told me that she heard the superior says those 3 new temps cannot go on leave together as they will be her perm staff after they came back from their leave.

?!?!?! What's all these? Just because she wanted the place for her relatives, therefore she tried to kick me and my friend who are not related to her away? If that's the case, tell us straight, we won't be so thick skin and stay. Do she need to frame us like that? I really don't know what to say.

Same day near knocking off time: I was still learning (with another girl) from one of the seniors who will be leaving that department soon, to another department if she was lucky. This girl was really shocked to find me crying in the morning, therefore, she asked me why and what happened. I told her and the senior parts and bits of what happens. And when I told them what the superior said about them complaining about me. They too, was shocked. They asked me why would she say such a thing? They did nothing of that sort. I told the senior that I'm not trying to confront them, but I just cannot take it as it is, and I know they did not do such a thing since they are one of the victims too.

In the end, I think I know why. Those temps were actually her relative's child or relative's child's friend. Duhz.. If she wanted only her families or friends to work for her, just say, don't use despicable underhand methods. I told the senior and the colleague that I just blame it on my luck. I have nothing to fear as I know my consciences is clear. However, this is too much. Since this is my 2 weeks break, might as well take this time to find a new job. I just wanted to work as a full time and have a stable pay. Is it that difficult? Is there no real friendship in the office? Haiz..

Till today I still think it's very unfair for me and for my friend.

My most recent picture

This is my most recent picture taken with my handphone. Had I change for the worsE? haiz...

A picture of me ^-^

Some picture of me taken 3 years ago. Photo has been edited also. This is not the actual colour of the original picture lah. lolx. Think there's only one pic that not much edition is done to it, except that background has been added. Ha~

My First Blog

Hmmx, this is the first time I tried setting up a blog. Seriously I also don't know what I started this blog. But I think this is quite fun, therefore I tried. Well, maybe next time I got bullied or things like that, I can just pen down all my complains or things like that down here. Looking forward to your support and replies. =x Chiaos~